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9 Top Low profile baitcast of lightest

If you’re looking for the most light weight, you can look here. I have gathered 9 of the lightest of the world’s 9 Low profile baitcast, and the nine na might be wondering why there is not a bad band because it is only about it because it’s not enough to create a lighter pulley. If so, please tell me. I will adjust the rating. Okay, see what models are available.


The world's lightest pulleyEven though this release was released for several years, it was the world’s lightest power-bearing position, with a body weight of only 128g, but it was very light. The Stainless steel hpcr™ Bearings + 1 roller bearing, and at Sapun install the 2 ceramilite Spool-bearings ball bearings, as well as a pulley, and this pulley can be used in a lot of 120 yards. Korean production hoist, the approximate value of 11,000 baht

2nd : Abu Revo LTX-BF8

129g heavier than Revo Mgxtreme, only 1g, but it is a fresh pulley that is less than the model of the strap, but it still has a brake 5.5 kg. 8lb. 50 m Ball Bearings 9 + 1 12,000Baitcasting reel

3rd : Shimano Aldebaran BFS 2016

With a heavier than LTX, only 1g is considered as light pulley, the Shimano built-in design is well-designed with a light victim. With 9 + 1 bearings, only 3.5 g of 8lb cable can 45 meters. It is called if the strike is hard. Price 14,000 Baht

4th : Shimano Aldebaran MGL 2018

135g is considered the Shimano series of the lightest, most rigid strengths. It is a cable pulley that truly light victims. 4.5 kg mono 12lb, only 65 m (71 yards), but this model has been highly recognized by the Thai fisherman. The pulley is made in Japan . Approx. 13,000 Baht

5th: Abu Revo ALC-BF7

141g Rocca ALC – BF7 with 8 ball bearings around 7.1, a 10lb cable is placed at 40 meters, with a low braking capacity of up to 7kg. The light weight drop pulley is a hoist made in Korea . The approximate value of 10,000 baht

# 6: Daiwa SV Light LTD 6.3-TN

148g is probably the lightest of that. If it’s lighter than telling me, I’ll improve it. It came out in the year of 2018 as a pulley with a light victim, especially the power of 4 kg, the 10lb line can be 30 m. Ball Bearing 11 + 1 hoist, made in Japan 10,000.

# 7 : Daiwa SS SV 103

150g although there are no pulleys under 140g, it has a range of weights, 150 – 160, with a variety of models. The SS SV103 is a great hoist because it is very affordable. Compared to the quality, it has a 4kg braking power, 7 + 1, a pulley that is suitable for use in general fishing. cost of approximately 7,000 baht

Ranked 8 : Daiwa PX68 SPR

150g is a very famous hoist of that, in the name Pixy, pulley fits lightly. 8 + 1 Ball bearings 4kg 6lb cable capacity 100 m, price around 9,000 Baht


154g another very lightly pulley of Abu It comes with a ball bearing 9 + 1.5.5 kg 12lb capacity 130 meters It is a lot of capacity. Compared with its bodyweight, the price is about 10,000 baht .

Read the Daiwa SSSV103HL
Read more about Abu Black Max 3

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